AMS is TMC’s costumers’ exclusive service company. When it was founded in January 2006, TMC chose to have an entire facility dedicated exclusively to customer service and to their satisfaction before, during and after the purchase of TMC machinery and equipment.

AMS is the official supplier of original TMC spare parts and offers consulting services and technical support, upgrading and maintenance for TMC machines and plants. AMS services are available by phone and email all over the world. Our highly skilled and specialized operators have an open and proactive approach, respecting a precise work methodology, geared to problem solving and total customer satisfaction.


“Il servizio clienti è “una serie di attività progettate a favore dei clienti per aumentare il livello di soddisfazione prima, durante o dopo l’acquisto di un prodotto o di una prestazione” (Turban, Efraim (2002). Electronic Commerce: A Managerial Perspective. Editore Prentice Hall)

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